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Easy Pressure Plate

Sale price $249.00 Regular price $299.00

The worlds first adjustable guide, designed to keep steady, even pressure on your work piece. Eliminating chatter and delivering a better quality cut. 

Easy pressure plate can expand or contract up to 8" to accommodate even the craziest stacked fabrication projects.

By distributing the load of the work piece out to the handles your part has stability, It is easier to hold on to and its your best shot at eliminating defects due to tilt, associated with small part fabrication

Kit includes easy pressure plate handles our 15.0 x 11.50 CNC grid marks pro plate and hardware you need to get to work as soonest arrives at your doorstep.

Compatible with the EASY adjustable shield the pressure plate is Rok'r and Gantry ready.

Give yourself the clear advantage in 2d and 3d fabrication.

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